Engine Reconditioning

Fully Reconditioned Engine

  • Engine Stripped
  • Acid bath
  • Cylinder Re-Bores
  • Crank grinding
  • Resizing Rods
  • Cylinder Head Reconditioning

Precision Engine Reconditioning Perth

H-Tech Reconditioned Engines are of the highest standards and no corners are cut in delivering you quality at a competitive price.

Engine Reconditioning Perth

All reconditioned engines are completely stripped down and acid bathed, all seals and gaskets are replaced, all parts are checked for wear and replaced. Cylinders are re-bored, crank shafts re-ground, con rods resized and cylinder heads reconditioned.

At Hi-Tech engine reconditioning we recondition all types of engines from your local made Holden’s, Fords, Toyota and Mitsubishi to the imported Japanese and European engines, Nisson, Honda, Porsche, Ferrari and your big block American engines. No matter what types of engine we work on we take pride in our work and value our reputation.